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Address & contact info.


Dal Falco

Piazza Dante Alghieri, 3
53026 Pienza (SI)
Tel/Fax: (0578) 748551

Typical Tuscan "rustic" cuisine; good wine selection. Outdoor dining available. Also rooms available.

La Buca delle Frate

corso Rossellino, 38/a
53026 Pienza (SI)
Tel: (0587) 748448

Typical Tuscan cuisine.

Latte di Luna

via San Carlo, 2/4
53026 Pienza (SI)
Tel: (0578) 748606

Tuscan trattoria.

La Cornucopia

Piazza Martiri Della Libertà, 2
53026 Pienza (SI)
Tel/Fax: (0578) 748150

Tuscan delicacies, grown & packaged locally - e.g. wine, grappa, olive oil, honey, pasta sauces, and spices

Monaci Remo

Via Piccolomini, 2
53026 Pienza (SI)
Tel/Fax: (0578) 748511

Wine, olive oil, honey, & pecorino cheeses - own production

Delizie della Valdorcia

Via Dogali, 2 (corner corso Rossellino)
53026 Pienza (SI)
Tel: (0578) 748686
Fax: (0578) 749093

broad selection of Tuscan delicacies - including honey, sweets, grappa, olio, marmelade

Trattoria al Vecchio Forno

in the historic center of
 San Quirico d'Orcia (SI)
Via Piazzola, 8
Tel: (0577) 897380

"Home" cooking but inconsistent quality; charming location with garden and outdoor seating.
Closed Wednesday.



Via I Maggio, 1
53026 Pienza (SI)
Tel/Fax (0578) 748478

Artistic wrought ironwork - lamps & chandeliers, tables, grillwork, firebacks (cast iron)

Palazzo Massaini

A castello just outside Pienza on the road from Torrita di Siena
Tel (0578) 748504 & 748428

Good selection of local red and white wines as well as olive oil produced on the estate

La Cucina di Edgardo

via Soccorso Saloni, 21
53024 Montalcino (SI)
Tel. (0577) 848232

reservations recommended

Enoteca Pierangioli

Piazza del Popolo, 16
53024 Montalcino
Tel. (0577) 849113

Broad selection of (mostly) local wines at reasonable prices - selection includes some uncommon vintages

La Grotta

loc. San Biagio 16 (just outside Montepulciano & across from the church)
Tel. (0578) 757479

Excellent restaurant with garden seating available

La Briciola

via delle Cantine, 20
Montepulciano (SI)
Tel. (0578) 716903

Just inside the city walls. Typical "poliziana" cuisine.